ENERGY 106.9

Born in 2012, ENERGY surprised the market with a new hybrid format that many refer to as Rhythmic Contemporary Hit. We don’t like labels, so we call it high-energy dance music delivered with a fresh edge. Listeners just call it ENERGY 106.9.

Since its inception, ENERGY has developed a loyal fan base and a unique position in the marketplace. With several years under the belt, the station remains committed to providing more entertainment and fewer commercials, serving up commercial-free hours throughout the day. We love our advertisers, but we also know that playing less commercials means ads are showcased. More music, less clutter, better results.

And while music is ENERGY’s fuel, the personalities give us our spark. Wake up with Marco, our main man in the mornings! Mandy in middays gives the station a good dose of snark and a whole lotta of that ENERGY spark. No subject is off limits during Tino Cochino Radio – adding even MORE excitement to your drive home! And Nights are hosted by Kayla Thomas, who gives us the popular syndicated show, Pop Crush.

While you’ll find ENERGY at 106.9 on the dial, you’ll also see the station out and about at clubs, local events, festivals, restaurants and anywhere there’s a crowd. After all, with so much ENERGY, it’s tough to sit still.